Arboga – Space for inspiration

Many people in Arboga commutes out of the city for work. Örebro,Västerås and Eskilstuna can be reached within 30 minutes, that gives the people of Arboga a wide range of options for workplaces. Stockholm can also easily be reached with over 25 departures per day.
Arboga has a large population that works in the defense industry as well as manufacturing and public sector. There are also several smaller companies with strong trade traditions.


Proximity to everything

Enköping: 46 minutes
Eskilstuna: 27 minutes
Örebro: 21 minutes
Stockholm: 91 minutes
Arlanda: 158 minutes
Uppsala: 153 minutes
Gävle: 316 minutes
Linköping: 221 minutes
Göteborg: 337 minutes
Malmö: 450 minutes

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