It’s easy to live in Fagersta.

The municipality is characterized by its safety,community and belief in the future. Nature and culture is close at hand. There is plenty of time for everybody in Fagersta. Integration is a natural part of Fagerstas community. One of Swedens best cable parks is located in Fagersta.


Proximity to everything

Västerås: 55 minutes
Köping: 76 minutes
Enköping: 119 minutes
Eskilstuna: 137 minutes
Örebro: 157 minutes
Stockholm: 167 minutes
Arlanda: 203 minutes
Uppsala: 168 minutes
Gävle: 105 minutes

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You’ll find one of swedens best cable parks in Fagersta

The Hives by Rebeladelica
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The Hives

The Hives are a swedish rock group and play garage rock from Fagersta, Västmanland. Founded in 1993 all band members are born between 1977-1978 and the lead singer is Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist. After the year 2000 the group has reached fame both nationally and internationally. The band distinguished themselves by having a unified dress code, they can often be seen in either black or white stage suits.

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