The good life near the big city

Hallstahammar – Quality of life is our focus.

Hallstahammar municipality is constituted by three suburbs; Hallstahammar,Kolbäck and Strömsholm with less than 16000 inhabitants. In Hallstahammar we’re proud over history even though in less than a century we’ve gone from being an agricultural society to a modern small town. Our community is characterized by many small companies and has a good range of stores from local entrepreneurs.


There are a multitude of industries that currently use the excellent transportation routes of the E18 and railway connections. We are located right in the centre of mälardalen and we are comfortable, with less than 15 minutes to Västerås and less than an hour to Stockholm central. If you go south you’ll quickly reach Eskilstuna. You can also use our free buss line Brukslinjen from Borgåsund in the south to Virsbo in the north.

Our largest private employer is Kanthal – Part of Sandvik Group, Bulten Hallstahammar AB, Evedensia smådjur AB, TPC Components and Intra Mölntorp AB. Strömsholm is the mecca of the Swedish Equestrian Federation and the Equestrian school of Strömsholm. The school has a long standing educational tradition, they offer courses to teachers, instructors , aspiring athletes and elite riders. You’re more than welcome to join us!

Proximity to everything

Västerås: 15 minutes
Köping: 23 minutes
Enköping: 44 minutes
Eskilstuna: 39 minutes
Örebro: 55 minutes
Stockholm: 80 minutes
Arlanda: 80 minutes
Uppsala: 86 minutes
Gävle: 145 minutes

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