Köping – over 1 300 enterprises

Köping has historically been a natural centre for the region, it still is with shops right in the center and department stores located off the northern approach, Entré Köping.
Manufacturing is the dominating industry in the region due to the strong industry traditions that are continually developed. 1300 enterprises of which the biggest are, Volvo, Powertrain, GKN Driveline,Yara, Leax, Tibnor and Sandvik. Swedens biggest bed manufacturers are Köping based, Hästens and Lectus. Swedens second biggest lake harbour is also located in Köping. The county is through the hospital one of the biggest employers in the city. Commuting is easy from Köping with great train and road connections.


Proximity to everything

Enköping: 36 minutes
Eskilstuna: 55 minutes
Örebro: 33 minutes
Stockholm: 118 minutes
Arlanda: 148 minutes
Uppsala: 143 minutes
Gävle: 306 minutes
Linköping: 314 minutes
Göteborg: 359 minutes
Malmö: 628 minutes

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