Long and royal history

Kungsör has a long and royal history. The community has grown around the beaches of Mälaren, the Historical king of Gustav Vasa once owned a farm here. The year was 1538 and since then several other swedish royalties has used Kungsör as an recreational city. Today Kungsör is its own municipality with 8400 inhabitants where it’s still easy to make your own kingdom.


Proximity to everything

Västerås: 42 minutes
Köping: 15 minutes
Enköping: 60 minutes
Eskilstuna: 26 minutes
Örebro: 44 minutes
Stockholm: 90 minutes
Arlanda: 104 minutes
Uppsala: 95 minutes
Gävle: 144 minutes

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Besides the royal history what distinguishes Kungsör is the rare and beautiful environment. Kungsör is a eco municipality and has been awarded for its commitment to taking care of the environment. Here you’ll find plenty of beautiful scenic areas where everyone is committed to taking care of the kings noble countryside.


Rich history

Kungsörs proximity to their amazing nature and the waters of Mälaren, this movie doesn’t show all of the opportunity Mälaren has for activities. But the Link to history is still there with queen Kristina.

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