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What do you want to do in Norberg? Are you looking for experiences, nature, skiing or fishing? With us in Norberg you’ll find lots of attractions, modern as well as historical. Our town is rich of culture and our scenery will give you numerous opportunities for relaxation.


Proximity to everything

Västerås: 60 minutes
Köping: 67 minutes
Enköping: 77 minutes
Eskilstuna: 85 minutes
Örebro: 96 minutes
Stockholm: 123 minutes
Arlanda: 118 minutes
Uppsala: 97 minutes
Gävle: 90 minutes

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Norberg host a large range of events from small to big. Sporting events like the Engelbrekt Run and the Kristina run, music festivals, art shows and other performances. Thanks to a bunch of highly skilled and committed people and organizations, Norberg is a thriving community all throughout the year.


Train, car or flight?

Norberg is located right off road 68, between Fagersta and Avesta. You can reach Norberg via Sala on road 256 or Hedemora on road 69. You can also reach Norberg by car or train and there are several nearby airports.

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