Culture and the wilderness

Here you can find ancient as well as modern tourist attractions. Are you looking for excitement and adventure, silence and nature, luxury and quality of life, or maybe a mix?


Proximity to everything

Västerås: 46 minutes
Köping: 43 minutes
Enköping: 63 minutes
Eskilstuna: 70 minutes
Örebro: 70 minutes
Stockholm: 109 minutes
Arlanda: 105 minutes
Uppsala: 98 minutes
Gävle: 116 minutes

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Live in one of sweden’s most primitive hostels, here you’ll find neither water or electricity. You’ll be sleeping peacefully in front of the crackling fireplace och awake to birds singing. Silence, wilderness and exciting forest experiences just a few hours away from the thunder of the big city. The hostel is a collection av small huts in a pine forest, there are twelve huts with two beds equipped with a inflatable mattress and sheepskin blankets all huts are equipped with a firewood stove and you’ll chop your own wood or pick your own berries right on the roof.


Near Nature

We who live here are happy to share our history, we live in the middle of a culture district and culture of all kind is one of our treasures, all over our district you’ll find evidence of iron age workings, parts of them are still living environments that we’ll gladly show you. Pretty much everywhere you go you’ll find holes from mining and other culture hotspots.

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