Family friendly and close to the big city

In the municipality of Surahammar you’ll be living safe and with beautiful scenery. Here your leisure time will be peaceful as you discover the nautical scene by going through our channel, or as you enjoy a tranquil forest along stunning ways. If you get bored of the easy life Västerås is just 20 minutes away by car. Everyday life is easy in Surahammar with good schools and good infrastructure that connects the city to the outside world.


Proximity to everything

Västerås: 25 minutes
Köping: 32 minutes
Enköping: 41 minutes
Eskilstuna: 49 minutes
Örebro: 64 minutes
Stockholm: 87 minutes
Arlanda: 84 minutes
Uppsala: 75 minutes
Gävle: 120 minutes

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Why do you want to move to Surahammar, Ramnäs or Virsbo?

1, Its close but just the right distance away. Surahammar is a peaceful suburban centre that’s close to most necessary items and just 10 minutes away by car to Erikslund shopping centre in Västerås. It takes 30 minutes from Ramnäs and 35 minutes from Virsbo to reach Västerås.



2) Quality living for an affordable price
The price of the average detached house is 966 000 kr( 2009)* and with shops, schools, preschool and numerous sport activities thats alot of bang for your buck.

For the childrens sake…

3) a municipality for the sake of the children…

The municipality is a great place for the children to grow up in, highly skilled staff in the schools and in childcare gives the children a good start before a life of learning. The proximity to everything makes it easy for the children to go to school by themselves or even their friends house without the parents needing to drive everyone around. There’s plenty of sports activities available for the children and with Västerås close by when they grown up they wont have to go far for studies or leisure.


Good connections

4) Commuting between Västerås and Surahammar is easy for toth the worker and the student, there are trains, busses and car connections.

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